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"The real gods. The darker gods. The gods that haunt me."

Floki is a boat builder and one of Ragnar Lothbrok's ([personal profile] bigarmy_strangepants) closest friends. He is also an eccentric and a bit of an outsider, preferring to live in the forest away from the main village of Kattegat, where he can content himself with fishing and carpentry and the company of Helga (NPC [personal profile] good_helga), his lover. He designs a new kind of ship that allows Ragnar and his band of Vikings to sail to the West, farther than they had ever journeyed.

Named after Loki, the Norse god of trickery, Floki can be a joker and quite lighthearted, though this usually masks his darker, troubled side. He enjoys telling stories and has some skill as a healer as well. But he attributes all of his ideas and knowhow to the gods, to whom he is fiercely devoted, almost to a fanatical level. He believes that sometimes he can hear the gods speak, and he feels that he understands them better than other people can because of this.

Or perhaps he's just a little bit mad.

He stands slightly crooked at a lean and lanky 6'4", and moves with a lightfooted, stalking gait. He is balding with brownish, somewhat ginger tufted hair, and has a short beard sometimes tied with a band. His eyes are ringed with black ink that runs in painted streaks down over his cheekbones. His often abrupt laugh is an incongruously high-pitched giggle/snicker that might sound a little disturbing.

Oh, and he kind of really hates Athelstan ([personal profile] athelstanthescribe).

[Feel free to send me a private message through this journal to contact me.]

Floki is from "Vikings," and is the property of The History Channel. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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